What options and terms are available. Which is my best choice? American Business Leasing offers a one dollar purchase option (which is treated as a purchase);  a ten percent option; and Fair Market Value option (often treated as deductible expense payments). The best for you can be determined after a brief conversation. We encourage your accountant to call us. Custom format requests are readily accomplished. Standard terms are from 2 to 5 years.

How long does it take to be approved? What is required? And are there start-up fees? If your business has been established for two years or longer, your simple lease application will usually be approved within a day.  We do not charge an application fee.  All payments are applied to Advance Rentals and a small one-time  documentation cost.  After the lease is signed, American Business Leasing issues a purchase order for the exact equipment that you have selected. Upon verified delivery of your equipment, we pay the invoice and your lease begins.

What types of equipment does ABL lease? From whom is it ordered? American Business Leasing leases virtually any business or professional equipment. We usually handle the entire invoice including options, software, installation costs — even training. Equipment is ordered from any reputable vendor that you specify.

What about equipment obsolescence? Can I upgrade and/or add on? Upgrading and adding on equipment are everyday occurrences on ABL leases. Your original lease can be amended, or a new lease can be structured at the time of new acquisition. We want long-term relationships satisfying all of your leasing needs.

American Business Leasing offers …

A choice of programs for your best tax advantage.
100% financing.
Purchase Options set at One Dollar or Ten Percent
Fast, simple application
100% tax deductible plans
Lowest effective rates
Fixed monthly payments
Preservation of your cash and bank lines.
Pay for equipment as it produces income.